Top Chef Contestant Nick Elmi Opening Laurel on East Passyunk

nick-elmi-full-top-chefMichael Klein has the story that Nick Elmi (formerly of Le Bec Fin and Rittenhouse Tavern) is opening his own restaurant at 1617 E Passyunk Avenue, in the former home of Fond. Elmi’s restaurant will be named Laurel (after the state flower) and is looking to open in early November.

Elmi was Le Bec Fin’s last chef de cuisine under Georges Perrier. When Perrier sold Le Bec, Elmi landed at Rittenhouse Tavern, where he worked until May of this year. Since then we know Elmi filmed Top Chef in New Orleans. Elmi told Klein that he is waiting to till November to open because he has a heavy travelling schedule until then. Read into that, what you want.

Chef Nicholas Elmi opening BYOB on East Passyunk [The Insider]