Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Happy Long Weekend Edition

Okay, so it was something of an abbreviated week here at Foobooz World HQ, what with Fireworks Day and all the drinking and barbecuing that had to be done. But that doesn’t mean that we weren’t keeping our eye on things the rest of the time. So for those of you who spent the first half of the week in a Wawa hoagie coma or are just waking up in the ER now after getting your fingers sewn back thanks to the mixing of explosives and a case of Yuengling, here’s what you might’ve missed.

The Ranstead Room’s Summer Cocktail List A little something for everyone

Win Free FedNuts Fried Chicken For Life There’s a golden ticket out there waiting for someone…

The Cronut Hits Philly Or should we say, the Swiss Cro-Creme?

Reviewed: Fitler Dining Room Ghosts of dining rooms past

Wusthaus Schmitz is Celebrating National Hot Dog Month Natch

Gin & Tonics At Bar Ferdinand And a cooking class, too

Reviewed” Cheu Noodle Bar Where noodles are just where the weirdness starts