Weekend: Beer Week Begins

If you somehow missed the memo, this weekend is the start of Beer Week. There are hundreds and hundreds of events that are going to be awesome, but here are a few of them that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


Michael Nutter taps open the ceremonial first keg of beer week at Independence Mall at 7 p.m., followed by a $45 tasting inside the Independence Mall Visitors Center with 29 regional brewers.

The Hammer of Glory will be traveling through the city opening kegs at a number of bars. You can follow the HOG on the Sugarhouse double decker bus for free.

Memphis Taproom begins No Repeat Beer Week celebration. No repeat kegs at all. After a keg is kicked, it will be replaced by an entirely different keg.


The best way to beat that morning-after-opening-tap hangover is to start drinking again. Standard Tap is hosting the Dogfish Head Brunch with some special Dogfish brews to go along with Standard Tap’s normal brunch offerings. 

Bainbridge St Barrel House is hosting The Roasty Toasty Pig Roast with 4-Hands. 4-Hands brews will be on tap and the brewers will be on hand to talk beer.

Nothing to do with Beer Week, but don’t forget that Collingswood’s favorite BYOB, IndeBlue, is opening their new Philadelphia location in Washington Square West tonight.


If you’re hungover again on Sunday morning (and if you aren’t, you probably aren’t doing it right), you can try to shake the headache by heading over to Eulogy Belgian Tavern for the Coffee Beer Brunch where coffee stouts will be paired with brunch food. 

Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger Joe Green will be at 12 Steps Down at 7 p.m. pairing cheeses with Perennial Artisan Ales. 

Vegetarian tapas tasting at Jamonera for $40 a head. Surprisingly, not Beer Week related. 

Stop reading and go enjoy Beer Week