Little Baby’s Ice Cream Is Expanding–In Their Own Special Way

The crew behind Little Baby’s Ice Cream is weird. I mean seriously weird. (Need an example? Check out their first couple commercials.) So really, there was no chance that, when the time came for an expansion, they would do it in any kind of normal way.

Instead, this morning they released “An Open Love Letter and Letter of Intent to the Citizens of the Cedar Park Neighborhood & Surrounding West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” in which they announced that they were planning to open a “Little Baby’s Ice Cream Cedar Park Embassy” (sister location to their Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters on Frankford Avenue) which would “serve as a destination for dessert seekers young and old to find our unique Hand-Made, Small-Batch, Super-Premium Philadelphia Style Ice Cream and Non-Dairy & Vegan Frozen Desserts, as well as our Hand-Made Cookies, Milkshakes, and everything else that our Future Selves dream up.”

The actual facts of the thing are this: The address under consideration is 4903 Catharine Street. The team is looking at an early spring 2013 opening. But before they can do that, they need the okay from the “various administrative offices of the City of Philadelphia.” And before they can get that, they need a little love from the neighborhood association, so are asking for support from those willing to come to the meeting on February 21, 7:15pm, at the Calvary Community Center at 38th and Baltimore.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream [Official]

The “Open Love Letter,” in its entirety