A New Restaurant For Chris Scarduzio

The saga of Artisan Boulanger Patissier has gone on for a long time. It’s one of the best bakeries and pastry shops around, but has been on shaky ground for months because everyone knows the place is moving (to 1218 Miflin Street), but no one seems to know when.

Last summer, Chris Scarduzio (ex of Brasserie Perrier, currently of a bunch of other places) bought the space where Artisan currently lives, and seemed to put a clock on Artisan’s plans. But that clock has now run for a very long time.

Today, the Passyunk Post is reporting that Scarduzio has something of a plan in place for the space–one which includes a 90-day time limit on Artisan’s move, a tear-down and a long-tail scheme that will see him in possession of a brand-new 4-story building, including a restaurant, that he hopes to have open in a year or less. What’s more, since he’ll own the bricks, he plans on staying. For generations.

“This isn’t a leased place where we’ll go in for a few years. This is the kind of place I eventually want to be able to hang my hat in,” he told Albert Stumm at the Post. “Hopefully my grandchildren will come into work there.”

You can check out the whole story over at the Passyunk Post.

Scarduzio Dishes About His Plans For 12th and Morris Bistro [Passyunk Post]