“Upscale” Taco Bell On Chestnut Street?

Over on the Insider, there is news that the space at 1035 Chestnut Street is going to become a Taco Bell. That, in and of itself, is not big enough news to rate a mention of Foobooz (or the Insider).

But 1035 Chestnut is not just going to become any old Taco Bell. No, it will apparently become one of the new-fangled “upscale” Taco Bells.

No, I have no idea what an “upscale Taco Bell” might look like either. But in taking a cue from a couple of the wise commenters on the original Insider post, I’m guessing it’ll look something like this…

This is why we should all pay closer attention to terrible science fiction movies. Apparently, they can predict the future.

Upscale Taco Bell Is Planned [Insider]