Taco Tuesday at Lolita

It doesn’t have to be Tuesday for you to enjoy tacos, but  Lolita just makes it so hard not to. Continuing their weekly Taco Tuesdays, this Tuesday, October 30th, Lolita is offering a choice of one from three new taco dishes prepared by chefs Marcie Turney, Todd Satterfield, and Issac Quinn.

Options include a Lolita take on the classic carnita with the Tacos de Carnitas combining pork shoulder with apple cider-canela braise and fennel, as well as Tacos de Hongas with seared mushroom, roasted hominy, oaxaco cheese, and  smokey peanut mole.

For $20 a person the meal also includes:

  • Avocado Crema
  • Roasted Tomato Chipotle Salsa
  • Jicama and Orange Salad (pepitas, olive oil, lime, and chile)
  • Mexican Beans (smoked bacon, morita chile, and caramelized onions)
  • Arroz Amarillo with Rajas
  • Fresh Corn Tortillas

Vegetarian options are available.

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