Open Now: Taqueria Del Sol In Willow Grove

Willow Grove scores first when it comes to the new Southern taco chain, Taqueria del Sol‘s, plans for a northeastern expansion. The Georgia-based fast-casual taco joint has its eyes on several area locations (look for DelCo and Center City locations in 2013), but for right now you’ll have to head a bit north of the city to get a taste of the eclectic, Mexican-inspired menu all full of things like Memphis-style pulled pork tacos with jalapeno coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce, fried chicken tacos, straight-up carnitas and pork-y green chile, heavy on the Hatch chiles (allegedly).

Basically, think of the place like a Chipotle but with a fusion menu and table service. Or a modern taco truck with a roof and four walls. The mini-chain is beloved in its home state (and has collected an impressive number of awards already), but it remains to be seen how cheeseburger tacos, shrimp and grits and Low Country fried chicken over ancho mashed potatoes with sriracha (all this week’s specials) play in this zip code.

Personally, I kinda want to try that fried chicken right now…

Taqueria del Sol [Official website]