Foobooz TV: Taking A Stroll Through Fette Sau

So Fette Sau is opening tonight on Frankford Avenue. But you knew that already, right? And you’re going, right? Because, I mean, this is some serious barbecue coming to Philly. We’re talking pulled pork straight out of the Southern Prides, brisket for those of you who like your barbecue Texas-style (read: wrong), St. Louis ribs and Duroc pork belly barbecue (yes, PORK BELLY BARBECUE).

In order to get you all prepared for tonight’s action, the Foobooz Mobile Party Unit made a stop down at Fette Sau a couple days ago, and we came back with a nice little walkthrough video. For the sharp-eyed, you’ll be able to not only plan your assault on the place for tonight, but also see a first draft of the chalkboard menu, some of the whiskey (primarily American) being stockpiled behind the bar, and a cocktail list.

Check it out after the jump.

And on the off chance that things at Fette Sau just get too crazy for you tonight, remember: Right around the corner, Bubba’s Texas BBQ is also open, making Fishtown the new center of Philly’s barbecue universe. At least for now…

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