Beer Haters, It’s Time To Try The Great Pumpkin

Guys, if you’ve been trying to find a way to convince your wife/girlfriend to give beer yet another try, you’ll want to consider dragging her to Pumpkin Smash 2012 happening at City Tap House this Sunday. With 25 different pumpkin beers being paraded through the event (including a few getting poured in Philly for the first time), it’s a perfect opportunity to turn your beer-averse lady on to the sweeter side of suds.

Much like a great many fruit-flavored beers, the majority of pumpkin beers offer a heady splash of sweetness that people who don’t believe they like beer actually find palatable and often even pleasing. Dosed with spices like nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, some of these liquids are more about the pumpkin pie than the pumpkin – a fact that works to your advantage with a lady whose Achilles heel is a sweet tooth that can be reasoned with.

Dick Cantwell, head brewer for Seattle’s Elysian Brewing, is bringing a bunch of kegs that are otherwise unavailable outside his brewery’s own Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, making City Tap House’s Pumpkin Smash home to the biggest assortment of Elysian beers outside the brewery. If you don’t succeed in getting your woman friend to like beer, even after making her try 25 different ones, you can always buy her some pumpkin martinis and sign her up for the pumpkin pie eating contest.

City Tap House [Official website]