Be Well Philly Round Up

Once again our friends at Be Well Philly have the news that you need to know – including an interview with Marcie Turney (she used to eat Spam!). Read on for this, healthy recipes, and how to drink responsibly.

Chef and entrepreneur Marcie Turney sat down with Katie Cavuto Boyle to talk all about her favorite kitchen tools, what she used to eat growing up and the herb that best matches her personality.

Heart-healthy pancakes are hard to find at your average white-flour-toting IHOP. Use this Be Well recipe and enjoy your Sunday mornings again, completely guilt-free.

Beware heavy drinkers: having three or more drinks every day can lead to worse strokes at a younger age than non-drinkers, a new study finds.

After that buzz-kill of a study, do you need a way to drink less? Use a straight glass. A small study finds that people often misjudge the halfway point and volume of curved glasses, causing them to drink faster.

If you are a biscotti devotee you may want to check out this recipe. Pistachio, apricots, and a little kitchen magic make what Becca Boyd calls “dangerous” biscotti cookies.