Feastival Is Tonight, And We Have Pictures

Yes, it’s just about that time, ladies and gentlemen. 2012’s Feastival is set to kick off in less than an hour, and Art and I are just about on our way out the door to document the festivities. But before we left, we thought we’d throw down a few snaps of the set-up happening over at Pier 9 as the crew desperately tries to get set up in time (a feat they accomplished last year with, literally, about two minutes to spare).

So enjoy. And hopefully, we’ll see you all there tonight.

Giant metal disco ball?  Check.

Trust me… Some table cloths, couple candles, and this will all look much classier.

For those of you already thinking about plotting your route…

Costuming for the chefs.

If I had any more tickets to give away, I would give a pair (and a high-five) to the best caption for this picture. My attempt:

“And then he said, ‘Okay, but this is the weirdest prostate exam I’ve ever had.'”

Thanks again to Yoni Nimrod–official shooter for COOK (and Feastival)–for the snaps.

Feastival 2012 [Official website]