Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Pizza Brain, Corn Dogs, Top Chefs Working Together, Boilermaker Closing, Fall Restaurant Openings

What are those guys so excited about? The rumored thousand-plus people who will likely be descending on Frankford Avenue tonight for the grand opening of…a pizza joint.

Okay, so not just any pizza joint. It’s Pizza Brain–one of the most hotly (and weirdly) anticipated openings of the season. While you’re reading this, the mobs are already descending. So if you’re planning on getting in on some of that hot pizza action, you’d better run.

But if not, maybe you want to hang out here and just chill? That’s cool, baby. Here’s what you might’ve missed.

Pizza Brain Gets Ready to Open Check out the Tale of the Tape
Mike Isabella Cooking at Sbraga Another Top Chef collaboration dinner for our champ
Boilermaker Closing, Re-Concepting At this point, I’m not even surprised anymore
Suckling Pig Sundays at Matyson? Oh, hells yeah!
Corn Dogs at Hot Diggity Ain’t nothin’ better than a fistful of corn dog
What Philly Needs Now How we can become a great restaurant city
Fall Restaurant Openings What we’re looking forward to