Free Stuff: Ticket Giveaway for Open Stove Night at COOK

You got plans for tomorrow night? You got better plans than dropping in on one of our Foobooz Open Stove Nights at COOK and getting fed by two brothers battling it out for culinary supremacy right before your very eyes?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Tomorrow night, we have the Stryjewski brothers (Waldemar from and Stephen from Square 1682) in our culinary Thunderdome, and a couple of last-minute spaces that have just opened up. So, for all you lucky Fooboozians, we’re holding a contest (with very, very simple rules) and giving away a pair of tickets to tomorrow night’s festivities. 

As you know, at the core of every Open Stove event are the secret ingredients. Sometimes there are two, sometimes there are four, sometimes there are even more. But in addition to all the other stuff we do to fuck with the competing chefs, the secret ingredients remain the central challenge of the event. We’ve used caramel to go with game courses and bags of Cool Ranch Doritos, we’ve given them SPAM and weird salt and individually-wrapped Kraft singles. And what we’re asking you good people for are even more outlandish suggestions for secret ingredients.

One rule: We judge our ingredients not solely in terms of outrageousness. Like for example, I desperately want to see the chefs cook with live eels–not because I want to gross out the guests or eat delicious eel pies, but because skinning eels and breaking them down is not something that most chefs have ever had to do in their own kitchens and I want to see how our chefs react to that kind of surprise.

So with that in mind, have at it. Put your suggestions for future secret ingredients in the comments section and, at the end of the day, we’ll pick the best and name a winner who will take home two tickets to tomorrow night’s Battle Brotherly Love at COOK.

Got it? Good. Now start typing.