Art In The Age’s SAGE Due To Hit Stores This Month

Oh, those crazy cats over at Art In The Age… First they get us to drink boozy rootbeer party juice. Then it’s liquid gingersnaps. Then they find a use for rhubarb that doesn’t involve someone’s grandma making a pie. And now they’re back again with SAGE which, weirdly, tastes just like Froot Loops.

Oh, but I kid. No, SAGE is a “garden gin” and tastes, as you might expect, like sage. And thyme. And rosemary, lavender and fennel. It tastes like drinking an entire herb garden and, according to the Art In The Age website, like the “grace and elegance of post-colonial, pre-industrial America.” And I’m sure we all know exactly what that tastes like.

All you cocktail freaks can start organizing your zesters and atomizers now. Sage is due to hit the shelves in Pennsylvania on August 25th

Thomas Jefferson? English gardening? The Declaration of Independence? Yup, totally not weird at all.

Art In The Age [Official website]