About Last Night: Morgan’s Pier Guest Chef Happy Hour

So last night was Guest Chef night at Morgan’s Pier, and Meme’s David Katz was there with Terence Feury (recently ex of Fork) to grill up some sea critters for the adoring crowds.

Oh, and you know who else was there? Part-time Foobooz photographer Yoni Nimroad. So here’s what you missed last night.

Just so you know, no matter what the event, flip-flops are not the recommended cooking apparel. Katz can pull it off because he’s a professional, but don’t try this at home.

Okay, so that’s enough for my dinner, but what are you cooking for everyone else?

Uh, chef? You cooking for one at a time over there, or what?

The goods.

And one more time before they disappear…

Aww… Bestest friends 4-eva