IBU Smackdown at Iron Hill Brewery

Starting at 5pm on Thursday July 26thIron Hill Brewery in Chestnut Hill will be hosting the Wrestlemania-themed IBU Smackdown. Head brewer Paul Rutherford will be pitting his Ultimate Warrior IPA against his Belgian Full Nelson in a race to see which cask gets kicked first and is named The Champ.

The menu for the night will include a list of hot dogs named after famous wrestling stars while vintage Wrestlemania will be playing on TV screens around the brewery. Rumor has it there will be some “wrestlers” (brewers in costume, perhaps?) roaming around as well.

Look for the dog menu and details on the Ultimate Warrior and Belgian Full Nelson after the jump.

The hot dog menu includes:

  • Hacksaw Jim Doggin with beef and bean chili, cheddar cheese and onions;
  • Stone Cold Steve Dog with sauerkraut, chopped onion and spicy brown mustard
  • Junkyard Dog with American cheese, onions, relish and good ol’ yellow mustard
  • Ultimate Wiener with pineapple chutney, bacon, red onions and cilantro aioli
  • Brat Brat Bigalow with smoked pork, creamy coleslaw and sweet mustard sauce
  • Big Boss Dog, bacon wrapped, pico de gallo, avocado, jalapenos and sour cream
  • Randy Sausage with smoked cheddar mac’n’cheese, chopped bacon and ketchup
  • Brett “The Brat Man” Hart, a grilled bratwurst with sautéed peppers and onions and thousand-island dressing
  • Road Dog Jesse James with barbecue onions, sharp cheddar and jalapenos

Ultimate Warrior IPA: 7.2%, dry hopped with warrior hops

Belgian Full Nelson: 8.5%, brewed with unmalted wheat, oats, and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand

Iron Hill Brewery [Official Site]