Tacodelphia Launches

Tacodelphia, a new website detailing the taco-serving restaurants in Philadelphia and their specials, has launched this week. Tacodelphia is dedicated to raising taco awareness and congratulating the underdogs of Philly tacos. The site comes with a cool map that shows you the taco spots in your area and things like whether they are a food truck or a sit-down restaurant. Clicking on each map locale will bring you to the restaurant’s taco profile showing their price range and hours – but only the hours they serve tacos.

The Taco Nights section lists all the one-night specials in the city, most of which are on Tuesdays (because everyone loves alliteration). There are a few all-you-can-eat and $1 taco nights listed, so check it out for some yummy deals. Or just go to Tacodelphia to look at the cute mascot. Either one is acceptable.

Tacodelphia [Official Site]