All Hail the Hammer of Glory

Rejoice! The Hammer of Glory Relay route has been released. The annual Beer Week tradition starts off at 6:30 a.m. on June 1st at Devil’s Den and continues its way to Opening Tap at 6:30pm where the week’s festivities can finally officially begin.

Along the route crazy and creative ways of transporting the HOG will teeter through the streets from stop to stop. The Hammer will be passed on to the next rowdy relay-er until it lands in the hands of Mayor Nutter to smash the first official keg of Beer Week.

If you follow along you may see any of the following things:

  • Occupiers at The Grey Lodge Pub in Mayfair at 8am protesting…well, they’re not sure what they’re protesting but they want beer!
  • The Philly Roller Girls looking tougher than you while skating the 4.5 miles from Hop Angel to Grey Lodge Pub from 9-10am
  • A Dogfish Head takeover at Johnny Brenda’s featuring the rarest of beers, starting at 1 p.m.
  • Some sort of theatrical parade at 2pm to carry the HOG from Kite and Key with enough silliness to match the Washington crossing the Delaware reenactment from last year

Clearly there is going to be a lot of nonsense going down. But if you can’t keep up you can hop on the SugarHouse double-decker bus for free. It will be following the Hammer of Glory all day, departing from the SugarHouse Casino at 8:45 a.m. and following the Hammer trail to its conclusion at the Independence Visitor’s Center. From there guests can pick up the Philly Sugar Express route at 6th and Market Streets to go back to SugarHouse.

 Hammer of Glory Route

  • 6:30 AM Devil’s Den – 1148 S. 11th Street
  • 7:30 AM Good Day Philadelphia – 330 Market Street
  • 8:15 AM SugarHouse Casino – 1001 N. Delaware Ave.
  • 9:15 AM Hop Angel Brauhaus – 7980 Oxford Ave.
  • 10:18 AM Grey Lodge Pub – 6235 Frankford Ave.
  • 11:01 AM Philadelphia Brewing Co. – 2439 Amber St
  • 11:29 AM Johnny Brenda’s – 1201 Frankford Ave
  • 11:57 AM Delilah’s Gentleman’s Club & Steakhouse – 100 Spring Garden St.
  • 12:20 PM Yards Brewing – 901 North Delaware Ave.
  • 12:43 PM The Foodery – 837 N. 2nd St.
  • 12:58 PM Standard Tap – 901 N. 2nd St.
  • 1:23 PM Institute Bar – 549 N 12th St.
  • 1:56 PM The Belgian Cafe – 601 N. 21st St.
  • 2:19 PM Kite and Key -1836 Callowhill St.)
  • 2:42 PM Four Seasons Hotel – 18th and Cherry streets.
  • 3:10 PM Nodding Head Brewery – 1516 Sansom St.
  • 3:33 PM Fergie’s Pub – 1214 Sansom St.
  • 3:49 PM Time Restaurant, Whiskey Bar & Taproom – 1315 Sansom St.
  • 4:37 PM Dock Street Brewery – 5000 Baltimore Ave.
  • 5:15 PM Varga Bar – 941 Spruce St.
  • 5:38 PM Bella Vista Beer Distributor – 755 S. 11th St.
  • 5:56 PM 12 Steps Down – 767 S. 9th Street
  • 6:29 PM Opening Tap – Independence Visitor Center

Philly Beer Week [Official Site]