UPDATED: Divan Finds A New Home–Which At Least One Person Is Not Happy About At All

UPDATE: It now appears that maybe the new owner of Divan Turkish Grill and the old owner of Divan Turkish Kitchen are not the same person. Strange? Yes. But check out the comments below for details.

Last month, we told you about SoWe–the new bistro coming to the former Graduate Hospital home of Divan Turkish Kitchen. At the time, we had no idea what was going to be happening with Divan, other than its closing saddening many fans of the restaurant’s fine Turkish cuisine.

But now we do know: Divan appears to have resurfaced on 6th Street, in the home of the former Shouk restaurant/nightclub/hookah bar. And from the above sign (spotted this morning by one of our sharp-eyed tipsters) we can infer two things.

Thing #1) The new Divan is in the newspaper-over-the-windows stage, meaning that construction is likely under way.

Thing #2) At least one person out there is not happy about this new development, as evidenced by the additions made to the sign. If you can’t read it, the scrawl on the left says “Visit our rodent cafe out back!” And on the right, it’s “We proudly dump our garbage in the back of the restaurant!”

Really, it’s the exclamation points and cheery timbre of the additions that sell them. But a word to the wise? It’s always better to hang your COMING SOON sign inside the glass.

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