Six Pack: Where To Get Your Pastrami Fix in Philadelphia

Pastrami is having a bit of a moment. We’re importing it from New York. Its spices are finding their way onto fish and chicken wings. And now we’re celebrating Philadelphia’s pastrami explosion (which, not for nothing, would be a great name for a band) with our first Foobooz Six Pack: Six places to score pastrami from Fairmount to the Reading Terminal Market.

Get That Spicy Crunch with Lemon Hill’s Pastrami-Spiced Chicken Wings

Mitch Prensky came up with the genius idea of coating chicken wings in pastrami spices. Dipped into the Thousand Island dressing, you have a bar snack that’s tough to beat.

Lemon Hill
747 N 25th Street

Get Katz’s Pastrami at Philadelphia’s Spread Bagelry

New York’s legendary Katz’s deli is sending pastrami down the New Jersey Turnpike to Rittenhouse Square where Spread Bagelry uses it to top its Montreal-style bagels. Some days you may even find the pastrami as part of a melt: Half a bagel topped with Katz’s pastrami and cheese.

Spread Bagelry
262 S 20th Street

Pastrami Crusted Mahi Mahi at Fish in Midtown Village

Brisket isn’t the only food getting crusted with pastrami goodness. In the new location of Mike Stollenwerk’s Fish, mahi mahi is getting a pastrami crust that adds both satisfying crunch and spice. The bed of braised red cabbage will also have you smiling.

1234 Locust Street

Koch’s Special K Is a Gluttonous Take on a Jewish Hoagie

The Special K: Pastrami, turkey, kosher salami, corned beef and Swiss sliced to order and piled on an Amoroso roll and then topped with Russian dressing and potato salad. Grab plenty of napkins.

Koch’s Deli
4309 Locust Street

Duck Pastrami Makes for a Great Sandwich at the Corner

John Taus’ duck pastrami sandwich at the Corner comes served on rye bread with Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Don’t sleep on the accompanying chips either. They’re not to be missed.

The Corner
102 S 13th Street

Herschel’s Pastrami on Rye, the Best Anywhere?

Herschel’s East Side Deli, which cures its pastrami in the basement of the Reading Terminal Market (basement of the Reading Terminal Market? Who knew?), makes a pastrami on rye sandwich that doesn’t have to take a back seat to anything coming out of New York City–or from anywhere else in the world.

Herschel’s East Side Deli
Reading Terminal Market (south side of center court)

Photo by Andrea Monzo