The Garage In South Philly: Giving Food Trucks Roots

Jason Evenchik, of Vintage, Time and Bar fame, is working on another Philly first with three of his current partners and employees: a cafeteria and bar inside a former garage in South Philly that draws its inspiration from the American food truck movement.

No, really. We can’t make this stuff up.

With a working title of The Garage (natch), the American-street-food eatery will occupy the old mechanic’s shop next to Philly Bar & Grill and across the street from Pat’s and Geno’s–thereby giving you one more place to eat while you’re waiting for it to get late enough (or early enough, depending on your perspective) to slouch into Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar. A rotating bevy of guest chefs and food truck vendors (we’ve already heard rumors of Honest Tom’s being involved) will contribute to the food service, which will take the form of Korean BBQ, gourmet hotdogs, gussied-up tacos and the like, all cooked and served from a lunch cart.

“This allows us to have versatility in what we serve,” Evenchik says. “Ideally we’ll have outside chefs and vendors do the food four nights a week and we’ll do the do the remaining two. We’re thinking something along the lines of Taco Sundays, BBQ Wednesdays, etc…”

Which is, more or less, the way we organize our weeks, so we’re totally down with the way Evenchik is writing his calendar.

When finished, The Garage will seat about 30. Flat screens and foosball/pool tables will contribute to the atmosphere. Currently, Evenchik is working the concept through the proper zoning channels (meeting with the community is next), and he hopes that, if all goes smoothly, he’ll be able to open within four months.