Tonight (And Tomorrow): Anniversary Dinners At Fork

It’s been three years since Terence Feury stepped behind the stove at Fork, and he’s celebrating his third anniversary with a series of three “Chef’s Bistro Dinners.” So what, exactly, is a Chef’s Bistro Dinner, you ask? It’s a four-course tasting menu, with wine, for just $45–the dishes designed by Feury each morning and prepared from supplies hand-picked by Feury from local markets and purveyors.

The first of these dinners was last night. Tonight is the second, and tomorrow is the third (and last). Reservations are limited to the first 35 people who can snag a seat at Fork’s chef’s table, so if you’re interested in celebrating with Feury and his crew, start calling now. Since each menu is different–and only posted on the morning of the dinner–I have no idea what the chef has in store for tomorrow. But tonight, he has (among other things), a carpaccio of Green Meadow Farm beef with pickled artichokes and parsley salad, crispy calamari, a pot-au-feu of beef shins and chicken, carrots, potatoes and leeks, and bone marrow toast on the side, then dessert. And don’t forget that wine.

It’s a helluva deal for $45. So what are you waiting for?

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Chef’s Bistro Dinner