Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Craig Laban, Kevin Sbraga, Peter McAndrews, Pee-Wee Herman, Plus A Super Bowl Ad For Whipped Bakeshop (Kinda)

This is going to be a busy weekend. Between the Super Bowl and Craig Laban threatening to explode the entire Philadelphia food scene with the power of his Bells, everyone has plenty to occupy them. But in case you have a few minutes and need something to read, here are some of our best stories from the past few days.

Four Bell Odds In which we handicap Laban’s potential picks
Roundeye Noodle Pop-Up In which Art drinks the last of the soup
Supper In Winter In which we discuss how farm-to-table works when the snow falls
Sbraga In The Real World In which Trey Popp discovers what Kevin can do when the cameras are off
Foobooz on Foursquare In which we make lists, lists and more lists
Peter McAndrews Coming To Northern Liberties In which Peter McAndrews comes to NoLibs
Top Chef Recap In which Pee-Wee Herman does…some stuff

Oh, and one more thing? We just heard that Whipped Bakeshop has an ad scheduled to run in this weekend’s Super Bowl. Well, not really an ad, exactly. But some of its shortbread cookies (emblazoned with the smiling face of Deion Sanders, who is bringing them to an open house) will be making an appearance in a Super Bowl ad for Century 21. If you just can’t wait to see how Deion Sanders, Donald Trump, Apollo Ohno and Whipped all come together into one ad for a real estate company, you can check out the ad early at the Century 21 Youtube channel.