One More For Fairmount: BlueCat Coming Soon(ish)

BlueCat. That’s a not a jazz reference, it’s the name of the new, casual, 35-seat casual Latin-inspired operation that’s coming to Fairmount in late 2012 at the intersection of Fairmount Avenue and Uber Street. Chef-owner Guy Shapiro (ex of Wildflower in New Jersey) and his wife Luli Canuso have lived in the area for years, and so have been front-row spectators to the sudden restaurant boom hitting the neighborhood. With the profile of the area steadily rising, they decided that the time was now to get in on the good times.

While the majority of the details are still to be decided, the design will be rustic, including mural work and a semi-open kitchen, Canuso said. With a long way to run yet before opening day, details about the menu and booze are still forthcoming.

But still, with the Welsh/Prensky Lemon Hill project just a 10-minute walk away, and a number of new openings in the past year (including the organic kitchen Fare, Hickory Lane, Isabel and La Calaca Feliz opening in the old Illuminaire at 2231 Fairmount), the neighborhood can now almost fill your belly  with a different kind of yum for every night of the week.