Win a Trip to Belgium

Philly Beer Week wants to send you to Belgium to brew a special collaborative beer with a local brewer of your choice and brewer Olivier Dedeycker of Brasserie Dupont. The collaborative beer will be the first ever brewed by the iconic Belgian brewer and maker of the lauded Saison Dupont.

The winner will be announced during a special event at City Tap House on November 30th.   The party starts at 7 p.m with the winner announced at 8:30 p.m. In order to be eligible to win the trip and pick your brewer, you need to purchase a ticket. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 and are available at City Tap House now and during the event. You might also be able to pick them up at bars that participated in the Craft Beer Express. Winners don’t need to be present to win, but it sure would be awesome to gloat.

Of course the biggest question we have is, if you won, who would you want to go with? We asked several of the brewers why they should be picked.

Yards Brewing’s Tom Kehoe boasts a third party recommendation, “I might not be the prettiest brewer, but I am a good time. At least that’s what is says on the bathroom at Yards.” Iron Hill Maple Shade’s Chris LaPierre highlights skills that could come in handy in Belgium, he speaks “fluent Flemish” and knows Kung Fu. Useful skills if you turn down the wrong alley after a night at Tremens Cafe. Casey Hughes of Flying Fish likes the idea of creating Exit Series – The European ExperienceGordon Grub of Nodding Head counters “not only will I make sure we get a tasty beer but I am much safer to travel (particularly internationally) with than Casey or Lappy (Chris LaPierre).”

Other brewers took a more earnest approach to lobbying for a trip to Belgium. Ben Schamberg of Philadelphia Brewing Company is Belgian and his mother lives there. He says, “If I had to pick one all time favorite beer, it would probably be Saison Dupont. So this would really be quite an honor for me!” Victory’s Adam Bartles promises to take what he learns at Brasserie Dupont back to Victory where he will use his new knowledge to “improve and broaden Victory’s portfolio of Belgian-inspired brews. Finally, John Trogner of Troegs would love to craft a “kick ass global collaboration. Plus, I could really use a beer-cation.”

2nd Annual Philly Beer Week Benefit Raffle [Philly Beer Week]