Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Greenhouse, Colonel Sanders, Padma Lakshmi and Marc Vetri Going to New Jersey

This week was all about openings, rumors of openings, delayed openings and strange stories of secret, hidden recipes. We also had a very pointed lesson on why not to go into business with family (especially the bar business), a story about how much it sucks to be a barback, a dishwasher or a prep cook, and news that one of New York’s hottest nightclubs is looking at expanding–to Philly.

Here’s what you might’ve missed:

The Week In Openings And this was really just the start
Nightmarish Family Drama at 12 Steps Down This is why you shouldn’t mix business and family
In Riva Opening in East Falls A local chef comes home again
Frankford Hall Winterizes and also burgerizes
More Openings So many, we just had to make a list
Vetri Goes To Jersey And what’s even more surprising, he’s opening in a mall
7 of the 10 Lowest Paying Jobs Are In The Food Industry And they ain’t all in fast food…
Beware of Kardashians Greenhouse is coming to Philly
Colonel Sanders’ Mystery Manuscript 11 secret herbs and spices are just the beginning
Top Chef Texas An episode 2 recap from Fidel Gastro