English Cooking Terms, Defined By the Aikens Brothers at the James Beard House

The Aikens twins, Tom (who has his own restaurants in London) and Robert (The Dandelion, right here in Philly), are cooking a special one-night-only collaboration dinner tonight at the James Beard House in New York. They’re doing a 6-course meal of poached pigeon consomme with truffles, pan-seared sea scallops with black pudding, brussels sprouts leaves and beef-Guinness jus and other complicated, very English-y stuff. Which basically means that they’re busy. And yet, it appears that they had time to answer questions about a bunch of weird English food terms for Starr TV (Stephen Starr’s Youtube channel).

So if you don’t know your treacle from your bubble and squeak, it’s worth checking out. The most surprising thing? They managed to get through the whole interview without making a single spotted dick joke.

Aiken Brothers At The Beard House [youtube]