New Cocktail Menu At Franklin Mortgage

A new month, a new season, and you know what that means–a new cocktail menu at one of Philly’s darkest, oddest and undergroundiest bars, Franklin Mortgage.

The new board is the bar’s “Fall Menu” which, according to head tender Al Sotack,”definitely exploits more seasonal awareness than some of our other menus.” It’s also (as always) an incredibly literate menu, with drinks like Clover Club veteran Christina Rando’s Pilot’s Dread, which was inspired by Pablo Neruda’s Song of Despair, and Sotack’s own Red Wedding, named after a scene from George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire which is totally not what you probably think it is (unless you’ve read the book).

Click through the jump to get a look at the full board. But also pay close attention to the very last drink–one created by GM Colin Shearn and offered up for our Philly’s Signature Cocktail Contest (the winner of which will be announced in November).

Required Reading

Jack Rose ~ 12
Laird’s bonded applejack, fresh lemon
and lime juice, house grenadine
served up

Brown Derby ~ 12
Buffalo trace bourbon, fresh grapefruit juice, honey
served up

Bizzy Izzy ~ 12
Wild turkey rye whiskey, lustau amontillado sherry,
fresh pineapple and lemon juice, angostura bitters
served tall with soda

Martini ~ 12
Beefeater gin, dolin dry vermouth, orange bitters
served up

Jersey Lightning ~ 14
Laird’s bonded applejack, carpano antica formula,
bitter truth jerry thomas bitters
served up

El Presidente ~ 12
El dorado 3 year rum, grand marnier,
dolin blanc vermouth, grenadine
served up

Easy Going

Fairmount Park Swizzle ~ 12
Beefeater gin, cardamoro, john d. taylor’s velvet falernum,
fresh lemon and lime juice, house ginger syrup
served tall on crushed ice

Bonanaza Jellybean ~ 13
Buffalo trace bourbon, appleton v/x, punt e mes, aperol,
fresh lime juice, house ginger syrup, mint, apricot preserves
served on rocks with soda

Ego Trippin’ ~ 14
Martin miller’s westbourne strength gin, beefeater gin,
kalani coconut, fresh lime and pineapple juice,
cane, bitter end thai bitters
served up

Player Piano ~ 13
Neisson rhum agricole, aperol, st. germain,
resh lime juice, bittermen’s elmakule bitters
served up

The Lament Of Pretty Baby ~ 12
Old forester bourbon, luxardo bitter,
fresh lemon and grapefruit juice, cardamom tincture
served up

House of Leaves

Drawing Down The Moon ~ 12
Beefeater gin, dolin blanc vermouth, house pear syrup,
fresh lime juice, pernod absinthe,
fee’s aromatic and dandelion & burdock bitters
served up

The Red Wedding ~ 12
Laird’s bonded applejack, el dorado 12 year rum,
fresh lemon juice, mulled wine syrup,
orange, peychaud’s and angosturas bitters,
served tall with crushed ice

Pilot’s Dread ~ 12
lustau amontillado sherry, hidalgo fino sherry,
smith & cross rum, fresh lime and grapefruit jice,
cinnamon syrup, pernod absinthe, angostura bitters,
served tall with crushed ice

Samhain ~ 14
Pierre ferrand ambre cognac, laird’s bonded applejack,
house pumpkin syrup, bitter truth Jerry Thomas and
fee’s aromatic bitters
served on a rock

Husker Hail Mary ~ 15
Landy vs cognac, laird’s bonded applejack, cynar,
carpano antica formula, hidalgo pedro ximenez,
angostura and fee’s aromatic bitters, clove tincture
served up

The Flowing Bowl

Finishing Move Punch ~ 13
Wild turkey rye, punt e mes, grand marnier,
blood orange and pear tea, fresh lemon juice, demerara,
fee’s and bitter truth aromatic bitters

The Kill Taker Punch ~ 12
Don q anejo rum, espolon reposado tequila, cointreau,
fresh lime juice, lapsaang souchong tea syrup,
angostura and peychaud’s bitters

Ragged Yet Righteous Punch ~ 12
Famous grouse scotch, el dorado dark rum, batavia arrack,
rothman & winter cherry, fennel chai tea,
fresh lemon and orange juice, demerara,
bitter truth aromatic bitters

Rebellious Spirits

Childhood’s End ~ 14
Espolon reposado tequila, cocchi americano,
clement creole shrubb, house strawberry basil syrup,
acid phosphate, peychaud’s bitters
served tall with seltzer

Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain ~ 13
Wray & nephew overproof rum, maurin quina,
clement creole shrubb, fresh lemon juice
served up

Coal Cracker Cocktail ~ 12
Wild turkey Rye, galliano, house blackberry syrup,
angostura bitters, sarsparilla tincture
served on a rock

Shotgun Willie ~ 13
Aperol, old granddad 114 bourbon,
john d. taylor’s velvet falernum,
fresh lemon and orange juice, honey,
bitter truth aromatic bitters, punt e mes
served tall on crushed ice

Rough & Tumble #2 ~ 14
Buffalo trace bourbon, ramazzotti, green chartreuse,
cynar, angostura bitters, salt, cucumber
served up

I Asked Her For Water, She Brought Me Gasoline

The Dead Turk ~ 14
bulleit bourbon,ramazzotti, carpano antica formula,
rothman & winter apricot, bitter end moroccan biters
served up

Restraining Order ~ 14
Siembra azul reposado tequila, aperol,
bitter truth celery bitters
served on a rock

Atomizer ~ 15
Famous grouse scotch, averna, campari,
laphroaig 10 year scotch, fernet branca, barenjager,
angostura and bitter truth xocatl mole bitters,
served neat at room temperature

philadelphia~ 14
Batavia arrack, amoro montenegro, cocchi americano,
cocktail kingdom falernum bitters
Served up

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