More Whiskey For Fishtown

Is it a good thing when successful New York restaurateurs become fed up with Big Apple crowds and head to Philly to test their mettle against our hometown crowds?

We’ll soon find out when the former Hot Potato Cafe location at 529 E. Girard (as featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares!), opens under new ownership later this year.

At the moment, those new owners aren’t being exactly…forthcoming with the details. But word is they’re going to be replacing the potatoes with whiskey–which, right from the get-go, seems like a much better business plan.

Not only that, but judging from the 58 messages building owner Luke Wolff said he received from interested businesspersons about the little “For Rent” sign he put in the window of the space, the east side of Girard Avenue is really starting to heat up. There’s Frankford Hall, Kraftwork. Barcade is coming soon(ish). Though recently put up for sale, Mike Stollenwerk’s  Fathom was often so packed that people were brushing up against the windows. And while we don’t know yet what’s going to replace it, the question “will people come out to this neighborhood?” has already been answered.

“I do know they are professionals who don’t wanna deal with New York crowds,” Wolff said about the incoming owners. “They are bringing it all to Philly.”