One Night Only: Little Fish to Become Little Pig

Pigs, as you know, eat everything, whereas fish, as you know, cannot eat a pig. Come Monday night, the almighty swine will once again demonstrate his superiority on the food chain by storming into Little Fish and taking over like he owns the place.

Here’s the deal: Little Fish will be officially closed next week so that most of the staff can have some R&R. But while they’re off cavorting around the Jersey Shore like Snooki, owner Mike Stollenwerk will stay behind to host a one-night-only pop-up that he’s calling Little Pig (inside this parenthesis we will grab the low-hanging humor fruit to put forth a reference to this little piggy staying home).

From 6-9 pm on Monday the 15th, Stollenwerk will prepare a good old redneck Southern supper whose centerpiece will be [insert Deliverance musical interlude here] pork. Along with some help he’s borrowing from Fish’s kitchen, Stollenwerk will roast a pig-in-a-box, which you refined folk call a “La Caja China.” He’ll amp up the grease and the Southern twang with piles of mac and cheese, roasted corn, warm potato salad, greens, tomato salad, homemade pickles and peach cobbler. Fish, needless to say, just ain’t welcome at this shin-dig.

Because no self-respecting Philadelphian take on the South would be complete without some Skynyrd and cheap beer in a can, Stollenwerk is going whole hog (we couldn’t resist) by cranking up the Southern-fried rock and handing out a free PBR pounder to each and every one of his guests. He’s also replacing his usual tables with communal ones, which will make Little Fish Pig look just like we imagine every homespun, in-the-sticks family reunion to look. Please, Mike, please, won’t you cover them with red-and-white checkered gingham?

Cost is $35 and it’s first-come-first served. Honest, we think there’ll be so much funnin’ and carryin’ on you just might end up on all fours squealin’ like a pig yourself.

But, you know… In a good way.

Little Fish [Official website]

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