Tonight: Twin Lobster Wednesdays

Tonight kicks off the Oyster House’s Twin Lobster Wednesdays. Get two 1 lb lobsters plus drawn butter and corn on the cob for $26. Lobster Wednesdays run through August.

Also at Oyster House is a new Punch Menu to be enjoyed by the glass or by the bowl. We’ll be testing each of the punches out and reporting back to you.

  • 9th Street Punch, created by Jordan Stalsworth, with Sauza Hornitos Anejo tequila, allspice dram, orange shrub and a splash of ginger ale
  • Gunpowder Punch, created by Jack Falkenbach, with cardamom- and white pepper-infused Old Overholt rye whiskey, black tea with grapefruit peel, rose, violet and marigold, grapefruit and lemon juices and citrus oleo-saccharum
  • Garden State Cup, created by Katie Loeb, with Salignac cognac, aged Laird’s apple brandy from New Jersey, pomegranate tea, hibiscus syrup, orange liqueur, fresh cranberry and lime juices and a dash of bitters
  • Point Breeze Punch, created by Andy DeGiulio, with aged rum, brandy, citrus peels, black and orange teas and a dusting of grated nutmeg.