Hey Big Fella, Wanna Be On TV?

Are you a chef (or a cook, a baker, a bartender, farmer or guy who drives a delivery truck for Sysco)?

Have you been staying late after closing to drink the hollandaise sauce (or eat whole bags of flour, bar garnishes or frozen crab puffs)?

Well then man, have we got an opportunity for you.

Twins Talent (a casting company which specializes in, among other things, twins and reality TV) is currently “Casting overweight men and women in the food industry” for a new “docu-series” (which means totally not a reality TV show, get it?) about fat people in the restaurant industry.

Genius! I mean, cooking shows are huge, right? And shows about people trying to lose weight are huge. So mashing the two together ought to be super-huge. Frankly, I’m only surprised that someone didn’t come up with this idea sooner–getting a bunch of paunchy sauciers, jowly grill-humpers, portly sommeliers, tubby food bloggers and zaftig restaurateurs together and making them lose weight while (one assumes) cooking and eating in a healthy manner. The only thing that would make this thing more of a dead lock for the masses would be if they got all the fleshy participants to sing or dance.

So here’s the pitch, straight from the source:

Do you work in the food industry & constantly battle with being overweight? Could your job in the food industry be killing you or putting your health at risk? Perhaps you struggle with other food-related health issues–diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol & more.
If you are at least 75 pounds overweight and answered yes to any of the above, we want to help you become a healthier person starting today!

We will follow the personal & professional lives of these individuals & showcase their transformation into healthier, thinner people. If you are 75+ POUNDS OVERWEIGHT or potentially unhealthy & have a job in the food industry, this is your chance to turn your life around! Participants will be provided with top trainers, top nutritionists & top medical professionals for 17 weeks to get their health & their LIVES back on track & finally achieve their weight loss goals.

The project is currently casting all over the country, and all you need to do to audition is send them your personal details, a couple of photos and a 300-word essay on why you love pie why you think you neglected your weight & health.

Of course, a willingness to be yelled at, humiliated and worked like a rented mule on national television? That’s just a given. “Docu-series” or not, let’s bear in mind that these are the same folks who produce Kitchen Nightmares, and Twins Talent has made its name casting for shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Fear Factor and I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

Casting information [Twins Talent]