Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Traditional Way with Vodka, Klezmer and Fire Breathers

Who needs corned beef and cabbage when you can have corned beef cheeks and schnitzel? We’re seriously considering celebrating our Irish half by attending Zahav’s Klezmer Carnival on Thursday, March 17, starting at 6 p.m.. The melting pot event is meant to honor Purim and St. Patrick’s Day, so, naturally, it will feature fire breathers, klezmer music from the West Philadelphia Orchestra and chilled vodka.

Oh, and a bunch of stuff chef Mike Solomonov has whipped up like house-made duck pastrami, the aforementioned corned beef cheeks and schnitzel, stuffed blintzes, borscht, house-cured pickles; and hamantashen, a traditional filled pastry.

Klezmer, for the uninitiated, is “influenced by traditional Romanian music, the genre consists largely of dance tunes and instrumental display pieces for weddings and other celebrations. It originated in Eastern Europe and developed in the United States fueled by its popularity among Yiddish-speaking Jewish immigrants Klezmer music features expressive melodies reminiscent of the human voice, complete with laughing and weeping.”

What could be more Irish than laughing and weeping, especially at the same time?

Admission is $35 per person in advance, and includes the food and music.  Beverages will be available a la carte. The Klezmer Carnival will start at 6 p.m.; the band will play at 8 p.m. Call 215-625-8800 for reservations.

Zahav [Official Site]