Fork & Barrel Peeps Have Something Planned for Walnut

A new spot is coming to the just vacated Joe Pesce on Walnut Street. It will come from the same folk who have brought candlelight back in vogue with Fork & Barrel in East Falls. Via Twitter they tease that it will not be a gastropub but “something way more unique.”

So what does that mean? Well the owners also run Tap and Table in Emmaus and the Bookstore in Bethlehem. Tap and Table is a gastropub similar to Fork & Barrel and the Bookstore is a 1920s style speakeasy with hand-crafted cocktails, “exquisite” beers, live music and a serious menu. Could this be what is in store for Walnut Street?

Well, whatever they bring, we’re intrigued as we like the cut of their jib.