LaBan Not Impressed with Hop Angel

Craig LaBan is not impressed with Hop Angel Brauhaus, the German-flavored bar and restaurant from Mike “Scoates” Scotese of Grey Lodge success.

The best reasons to come here (and there are some) are rooted in the products this kitchen had little to do with other than reheating: the masterful sausages and lunch meats from Illg’s Meats in Chalfont. Whether it’s the nutmeg-tinged Nürnberger brat, the deeply smoked and beefy knackwurst, the garlicky red Hungarian, or the soft veal weisswurst, these sausages were spot-on authentic. The big smoked pork chop, reheated on the grill for the bayerische platte, was simply amazing, moist and pink from the sweet tang of slow oak smoke.

One Bell – Hit-or-Miss

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