From Owner to Chef at Avalon

Craig LaBan’s review of Avalon comes with an interesting side-story. Owner John Brandt-Lee went has become the chef under the tutelage of former chef, Clark Gilbert. And almost shockingly, the results are good.

For the most part, though, Avalon already has most of the right flavors in line. One of the most intriguing, a “salad” of deep-fried bacon smoked in red wine chips, paired with tomato jam and creamy blue cheese, should not be missed. For lighter tastes, Avalon also delivers well on seafood, including a tasty bowl of well-cooked “cioppino” in saffron broth, and crisply seared organic salmon ringed by eggplant caponata kissed with the balsamic-like sweet tang of saba.

Two Bells – Very Good

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