Dogfish Head beers and Capogiro gelato. Together they are sure to create some wonderful Frankenstein-esque creation. Something like Punkin Ale & Brownstone gelato or beer floats. It’s all going down at the Capogiro on Penn’s campus from 7 to 9pm.


Amis has added Saturday brunch. Among the dishes is the above photographed sunny side up duck egg with grilled guanciale and pecorino fondue. Chef Brad Spence is also curing his own bacon and making his own breakfast sausage.

It’s the Super Heroes and Villains costume party at Varga Bar. Look for a special super limited “Super Friends” collaboration beer to be tapped at 9pm.


It’s Halloween and there’s so much going on we really don’t know where to start. So we’ll leave it to the always capable Swedish Chef.

– Happy Halloween