Horizons is Staying Busy

Horizons Restaurant has been staying busy as they’ve recently added an official Twitter account and they’ve rolled out several new dishes for fall.

smoked red cabbage bisque
caraway croutons & melted fennel   8

ramen bowl
grilled baby bok choy, pickled shiitakes, menma, pho broth    8

portobello carpaccio
salsa rustica, panelle crouton, olive oil & arugula crema    9

salt roasted golden beets
(served chilled) smoked tofu, avocado, capers, pumpernickel, cucumber dill sauce   9

a greener salad
baby farm leaves & herbs. black truffle vinaigrette, walnut picada    8

farm salad
shaved, roasted & raw lancaster vegetables, sherry vinaigrette and green goddess   9


fresh hearts of palm cake
curried mixed squash, black lentils, cucumber chutney   19

mushroom pub plate
porcini, maitake & portabella “shepherds pie”, truffled celery root, grain mustard sauce   20

pacific rim grilled tofu
spicy gochujang, edamame pureé, royal trumpets, yu choy, smoked miso   19

autumn vegetable cassoulet
smoked eggplant crepe, braised white beans, rutabaga salad, parsnips, pistachios, red wine   19

Horizons [Official Site]