Eating at City Tap House

Much has been made about the beer at City Tap House but they also serve food at the West Philadelphia mega-bar and Trey Popp finds its pretty darn good.

Yet overall, the kitchen does pretty well considering how many bases it’s trying to cover. Its pizzas are about on the level of Zavino’s — solid but not stellar. Fennel sausage weighed a little too heavily on one crust, but the tartufo pie, with a fried egg topping off the scattered mushrooms and Taleggio, got the balance right. Mussels in a saffron-hued bath of garlic cream, flavored by a confetti of fennel shavings underscored with Pernod, was as decadent as dessert. If you like your Thai curries more sweet than spicy, this dish should be right up your alley.

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