Not Your Grandma’s Gelato

Although it may smell a bit like it

Head to Capogiro’s Rittenhouse location today to taste their Wyck House Rose gelato before it runs out! Wyck House, a historic house and garden in Germantown, donated roses from the 200-year-old bushes on their property to the gelato artisans so they could craft this super-local treat. This flowery flavor differs from their usual rosa (rosewater) offering. The petals are steeped in hot milk instead of water and the result is a creamier, smooth gelato that starts off milky and finishes with a punch of perfume. It’s strong and slightly reminiscent of grandma’s favorite fragrance, so pair it with something bright, like ananas d’oro (golden pineapple). Wyck House sent roses to all Capogiro locations, so check their website to see which shops are offering the flavor — it’s marked as “last chance” at the Rittenhouse location.

If you miss out on the ancient rose flavor, Capogiro has other special offerings this week. In honor of Philly Beer Week, they’ve churned up a Rogue Chocolate Stout flavor (think chocolate beer float) and Framboise (raspberry Belgian brew) gelato.