Watkins Drinkery Moving Forward

Jonn Klein, owner of the Dive is moving forward with his second bar, Watkins Drinkery at the corner of 10th and Watkins in South Philadelphia. Settlement has been made and Klein wants to open in the next 3-6 months.

Here’s his post yesterday to the Philly Speaks forum.

My name is Jonn Klein. After 2 and a half years, I finally bought the old Bella Rosa. I did, in fact, get the original liquor license, but only after negotiations with EPX, the Attorney General, and the LCB, all of which took the better part of 18 months. Compromises were made, and I met some of my new neighbors in the process. Obviously, Watkins Drinkery will be nothing like Bella Rosa in any way other than occupying the same physical space. With a little bit of long-overdue good luck, I’m hoping to open somewhere between August and October with 6 taps, 30-40 craft and European bottles, and roughly a 10 item menu of creative but reasonable bar food. The second floor will be a game room with pool, darts, video games, and a little extra seating.

Watkins Drinkery? [Philly Speaks]