Adam Erace Crowns Fave at Paesano’s

Adam Erace reviews the new Paesano’s at 9th and Christian. He recounts the well-known sandwiches of the original Girard Avenue location and crowns his favorite at this Italian Market newcomer.

That distinct honor belongs to the Gustaio—which is more wrap than sandwich—featuring house-made merguez. The Sriracha-laced lamb sausage is a minefield of citrusy coriander seed that puts its flatbread fellows in sharp relief: gently tangy Gorgonzola dolce, seriously spicy arugula, caramelized fennel, gourmet Gushers of dried cherries rehydrated in balsamic vinegar. Even the flatbread, sourced from Al Aqsa, an Islamic grocery near Modo Mio, is distinctive: chewy and soft, introducing a faint whiff of the grill into the fray.

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