Around the Web: New Spots


Somehow the Philadinging Blog takes great photographs with his iPhone. Those photos plus his prose has us drooling for the pizza at Zavino. [The Philading Blog]

Phoodie is among the first to report back on Marc Vetri’s Amis. The good news, it’s Marc Vetri cooking at a much more reasonable price. [Phoodie]

Two Eat Philly is the new to the scene food blog of twin twenty-something food lovers who visit the also new to the scene, Amis. [Two Eat Philly]

Sips, Bites and Sites hits up Pizzeria Stella and provides some tips for best enjoying Stephen Starr’s pizzeria. [Sips, Bites and Sites]

Living on the Vedge does brunch at South Philadelphia’s Green Eggs Cafe and of all things, praises the porridge. [Living on the Vedge]

Percy Street Barbecue makes for great place to come with a big group according to Drawing for Food. [Drawing for Food]

Mac & Cheese calls the eggplant hoagie at Shank’s at Pier 40 a “revelation.” [Mac & Cheese]