Year In Review: November


Snackbar Breakfast Burger via Philadelphia Weekly

We’re doing our year in review. Next up, November, 2009 a month where we talked a lot about barbecue.


Dish of the Month

Foie Gras Scrapple at Silk City

If anything called scrapple could qualify as light and ethereal, this is it. The sweetness of the foie unfolds on your tongue, with the pomegranate seeds scattered over an accompanying root vegetable hash and a tart cranberry compote providing contrast. Felicia D’Ambrosio, Meal Ticket

Smackdown of the Month

The red-cooked pork belly in soup had the distinction of being both squishy (its fatty edges almost gelatinous) and tough, the meat a chore to chew. The nest of flat Shanghai-style noodles in anise-scented dark broth were at once undercooked and gummy.” Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer on Kong

Notable Openings

Green Aisle Grocery, Hawthornes, Percy Street Barbecue, Sonic Drive-In

Notable Closings

Alison at Blue Bell, Kitchen 233, Zot