Tale of the Tape: Zama


Chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka has opened Zama, an authentic Japanese restaurant just steps from Rittenhouse Square.

The Chef

  • Hiroyuk Tanaka
    • Experience at:
      • POD
      • Morimoto
      • Genji
      • Ritz Carlton

The Space

  • Design by Jun Aizaki of Creme Design Collective
  • Creme Design Collective has also designed Amada and Distrito
  • 80 seats
  • Slats! Lots and lots of light-colored maple wooden slats frame the walls
  • 8-person sushi bar
  • paper mâché fish shaped light fixture

The Food

  • Minimalistic menu with rotating seasonal ingredients
  • Seasonal seafood entrees
  • More than 30 a la carte sashimi
  • Maki rolls
  • Vegetable offerings
  • Sushi offerings will range form $2 to $45 for the Toro sampler
  • Specialty Roll Highlights:
    • Lob-Temp, tempura lobster with uni sauce and teriyaki-truffle
    • Hama-peno Mango, yellowtail with jalapeno and chili-mango
    • Bullish!!!, seared Kobe beef on top of sesame-soy wrapped sushi rice with spicy ponzu
    • Sizzled White Fish, striped bass with citrus-soy and finished with hot sesame oil
  • Menu Highlights
    • Akadashi Soup with tofu and scallion
    • Salmon Skin Salad with mixed greens, kawarie sprouts and sesame onion dressing
    • Genmai Vegetable Spring rolls with spinach, wood ear mushroom and pickled vegetable wrapped with brown rice paper
    • Zama House Tofu, cooked tableside with choice of two sauces
    • Kirin Ichiban Braised Short Ribs served with sautéed udon noodles
    • Yuzu Pepper Chicken, oven roasted free-range chicken with grilled maitake and Tokyo scallions
    • Black Cod Misoyaki with pickled root vegetables
  • Menu items range in price from $5 to $28

The Drink

  • Extensive sake selection
  • Exclusive Coedo beer:
    • Dark
    • Wheat
    • Sweet Potato
  • Calpis, a Japanese soft drink described by Meal Ticket as “sweet, mineralistic milk.”
  • Sake Punch, Nigori, black cherry vodka, raspberry puree, mango juice, lime juice and garnished with dragon fruit

128 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA

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