Breaking: Jose’s Newest Project

garces_150I just got an amazing Jose Garces scoop — and no, it’s not whether he wins Iron Chef. Seems he’s nabbed the Letto Deli space at 208 South 13th Street — once rumored to be Stephen Starr’s next location — for a super-casual, single-focused concept: beer and brats.

According to a source familiar with the project — Garces himself was unavailable for comment — the small space will sport a beer garden that serves tons of American and international craft brews, and the menu looks like it will have many different varieties of bratwursts and sausage, with your choice of bun, toppings, sauces, and mustards. (We even heard some way-out-there brats will make the list — alligator anyone?) We might have been a little early this summer when we declared the hot dog to be the new hamburger, but we are happy to be right once in a while.