The Next Iron Chef Episode 4-Adaptability

In honor of everyone’s favorite first baseman and the remaining Iron Chef Contestants, here is a rundown of last night’s Next Iron Chef in six bites.

  1. This week, the Chairman put the contestant’s adaptability to the test. They were to create a Mexican Duo (entrée and dessert) and a cocktail using the secret ingredient-Tamarind.
  2. The chefs had 90 minute to shop and cook; and it was up to them how to use their allotted time. Jose Garces took the longest time shopping while Dominique Crenn finished first.
  3. Garces came through with a Tamarind Mole Poblano and Tamarind Coconut Flan to pair with a Tamarind Martini. The biggest gripe about Garces’ plate came from Jeffrey Steingarten, whose flan was curdled.
  4. The winner this week was Jehangir Mehta. He stuck with the faulty ice cream machinery, but this time it paid off in the form of his Tamarind Ice Cream and Queso Fresco. His entrée was a Tamarind Apple Pork , while his cocktail was a Chocolate Tamarind Shot with Orange Liqueur.
  5. Lost in Translation: Dominique Crenn is headed home after serving raw churros and an uncharacteristically thick Tortilla Soup.
  6. Next Week: Things get intense with a double elimination.