First Bite/Snap Squad: Blackfish in Stone Harbor

There’s a reason Americans love chain restaurants, despite all their flaws. There’s something to be said for being away from home, yet walking into a restaurant and knowing exactly what you are going to get. Which is why I insisted on taking my family to a nice meal at the Shore outpost of Blackfish, Chip Roman’s fish-focused Conshohocken stalwart.

Things that were the same: Amazing, friendly service and a lively but refined vibe. I was happy to see some of my favorite Blackfish dishes on the menu. Surprisingly, price points were similar despite the Shore locale. Entrées ran in the low $20s and $30s, but that same superior ingredient quality was apparent.

Things that were different: Booze! There was a nice wine list, specialty cocktails and beer. There is also a bar, which connects to the restaurant through a glass door, keeping the dining room stays quiet. And I didn’t try it, but Chip is serving up a weekly-changing Sunday brunch.

The pics: My fave, the bouillabaisse. (As in, my favorite bouille ever.) It makes random appearances on the Conshohocken menu and I was psyched to see it at S.H.

For a fish-focused place, they cook up a mean steak. This was my husband’s ribeye. Thank goodness he was sitting within grabbing distance of the truffle fries.