Papal Happenings

We’ve been hearing good things about the P.O.P.E’s new menu of late. Living on the Vedge sings the veggie burger’s praises while Drawing for Food calls the sandwiches “damn good.

The P.O.P.E will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary on Tuesday, June 30th and boy are they going to have a beer list.

  • Hitachino White Ale
  • Bayrische Bahnof’s Berliner Weisse
  • Ichtegem’s Flemish Red
  • New Holland Dragon’s Milk Stout
  • New Holland Brother Jacob’s Dubbel
  • Avery Salvation
  • Avery Reverend
  • Southern Tier Heavy Weizen
  • Lost Coast Imperial Pils
  • Avery Ale to the Chief
  • Bell’s 3rd Coast Old Ale
  • Bell’s Double Cream Stout
  • Left Coast Black Magic Stout
  • Laughing Dog Crotch Sniffing Bastard
  • Left Hand Chainsaw
  • Pennichuck Pozharnik Expresso Stout
  • Hebrew Lenny Bruce IPA
  • Smuttynose Star Island
  • Left Hand Oak Aged Imperial Stout
  • New Holland Imperial Hatter

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